The collection department at Andrews & Cox, P.C. d/b/a Bleecker Brodey & Andrews strives to deliver efficient results through the combination of experienced attorneys and non-attorney account representatives working in tandem on your accounts.  The account representatives seek to achieve successful outcomes by working with debtors and/or defendants, while the attorneys pursue needed litigation in an ethical and diligent manner.  The department prides itself on its ability to work with people who are willing to make a good faith, reasonable effort to pay their debts in a responsible fashion.

It is our office policy is to take every person’s phone call when received, however if that is not possible, it is our commitment to return that phone call within 24 business hours. While the firm is not a collection agency as such, we do understand that not every case needs to be, or should be sued.  That is why our staff tries to work with your clients before they become litigation defendants.  If litigation cannot be avoided, our staff will continue to attempt to resolve cases up to the garnishment stage.

Our collection matters may be referred to our office through our website, the U.S. Mail, disc, email, fax, electronic downloads through You’ve Got Claims, Q-law, LPS, and similar programs.  We are currently accepting cases in the following states:

                                              AL, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MS, SC, NC, TN, VA, WV 

We provide a seamless process from initial demand to satisfaction of judgment.  Whether an account is being handled by an experienced attorney in the court room or an experienced account representative in the office, you may be assured of quality representation coupled with an emphasis on meaningful results.  We recognize that there are several firms vying for your business.  At BB&A we go the extra mile to earn and keep your business. We are committed to our clients for a long term, mutually profitable relationship.  We look forward to working with you and your staff.