Our Services

Since our inception, our firm has been committed to representing creditor’s rights for 30 years in virtually all facets of collection, including retail, commercial, complex collections, taxes, insurance subrogation, and medical.  Our firm consistently represents national and worldwide finance companies, banks, credit unions, and collection agencies.  We have been able to maximize recovery for our clients through combining our collections specialists with our experienced legal team in order to streamline the collection process.  Our unique structure of maximizes your recovery efforts and expedites the collections process.  Our success in collections has been based on the following core values:

Accessibility to Staff and Attorneys
.  At BB&A, you will never have to navigate through an automated telephone system.  When you call, you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists, and directed to one of our collection specialists or attorneys that are available during all business hours to handle specific inquiries related to client accounts.  In the unlikely event you must leave a voicemail, your call will always be returned within 24 hours.

Commitment to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).  In a time which creditors are often scrutinized in the public forum, it is more important than ever to adhere to the laws governing our practice, in particular the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).  Every document that leaves our office is reviewed and signed by one of our attorneys.  Our partners hold semi-annual courses on the FDCPA to all of our staff, and regularly lead seminars for continuing legal education in the subject area of FDCPA and collections law for other attorneys.  

Consistent Contact with Debtors.  In collections, time is always our biggest enemy.  For that reason, within 48 hours of referral, a demand letter is generated and sent to the debtor.  From the time of referral to the point federal law allows litigation to be initiated, our collection team conducts a telephone campaign, includes calls during evening and weekend hours, to obtain favorable payment and settlement arrangements for our clients.  

Keeping Clients Informed Through Technology.  In a fast paced environment, we understand that information must be available to our clients in real time.  We provide a specialized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface to our clients, allowing access to any account with the simple click of a mouse to observe case status and progress.  Additionally, we provide our clients a monthly detailed account summary of all cases referred and their status.

Earning Our Reputation Daily.  Our reputation as a reliable and responsible law firm is a product of respecting all persons involved in the legal process, whether a debtor, client, or a member of the judicial system.  We are committed on a daily basis to treat others as we would want to be treated, recognizing one error in judgment can tarnish a solid reputation built over several years.

Results.  Ultimately, the most identifiable indicator of our productivity is our rate of recovery.  We work hard to isolate cases that can be settled quickly, and use our experience and expertise to find assets for the more difficult cases, through employment verification, BMV searches, skip tracing for contact and work information, credit bureaus, and working with local sheriffs to execute on assets.  We also maintain a system that allows us to immediately identify broken promises and pursue these cases accordingly.